Sunbutter Cups

Sorry guys – I’m decidedly behind on my blogging. I’m down to my last couple weeks (well, single week now!) here in Wellington, which means all I’ve been doing is lazing around, going out to eat, and very vaguely considering packing. I have not been productive in the least. But, in the interest of filling spare time and using up my ingredients, I have been baking quite a bit. So I promise I will sit down, edit some photos, and get back on my weekly blogging. Starting with some nice no-bake sweets.


I first made these a few years ago for my college dorm’s big end-of-term party, Wine & Cheese. This is a decades-old tradition – twice a year, all the members of the house would cook a bunch of hors d’oeuvres and desserts, buy some niceish booze, and invite their favorite alumni and professors to come over and hang out. At the time, I lived with a number of people with Celiac disease, and so I decided I’d make some gluten-free sweets on their behalf. I was initially going to make classic peanut butter cups, but having recently discovered the wonders of sun(flower seed) butter, I decided to use that instead. These would be tasty with peanut butter, as well, but the sunbutter makes them extra special.

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