A Quick Savory Interlude: Outrageous Macaroni & Cheese

This may sound unlikely based on what you see here, but I’m usually a pretty healthy eater. Lots of vegetables, lentils, sometimes fish…boring, really. But every now and then you just need some macaroni and cheese.


Since I don’t eat stuff like this very often, when I do I want it to be as rich and delicious as humanly possible. I was lucky with this batch: we had a bunch of really nice cheeses left over after a party, so the cheddar and gruyere Martha Stewart says to use were augmented by lots of Kapiti blue and small bits of Port Salut, Over the Moon OMG brie (the best brie in the world, sorry France), and a couple other random cheeses as well. If you have cheese you need to get rid of, or if you don’t mind spending a little more on some fancy cheese to add in, I highly recommend it.


Or, of course, you can just stick with a nice sharp cheddar. It will still be awesome.

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