Coffee Bourbon & Boozy Mocha Brownies

This is it: the first truly alcoholic post on the blog. I know I’ve mentioned my bar work here before, and I even put up a recipe for bourbon-spiked cookies a while back, but so far this blog has stayed mostly teetotaler-friendly. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but infusing spirits requires a similar skill-set to baking, and it’s fun, too. So here’s my first infusion recipe: coffee-infused bourbon. I stumbled upon a recipe back in December, made a few tweaks, let the stuff sit for a couple weeks, and ended up with something delicious. It’s very strong and pleasantly bitter, but with enough vanilla sweetness to soften the blow.


I had grand intentions of using the infusion for espresso Manhattans or Old Fashioneds, but in the end my friends and I drank all of it neat at a party. (Which was also a great use of it, don’t get me wrong.) Luckily, not before I managed to use some in a tray of amazing boozy brownies. Both recipes are below. The coffee bourbon takes a couple of weeks; the brownies take less than an hour.


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Compost Cookies


I’m a couple years late to the party on this one. The Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook came out in 2011, and everyone went crazy making all sorts of Crack Pies and Marshmallow Cornflake Cookies, and I ignored all of it. But eventually, at the prodding of a friend, I decided the Compost Cookies were worth a try. Potato chips, pretzels, and coffee in a chocolate chip cookie? I had to try it out.


I baked them for a camping trip a couple months ago and they went down a treat, but I couldn’t help feeling that the cookie batter itself could be better. So I made some tweaks and I think round two was great. They are ugly cookies, sure, but god are they tasty!

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