The story: I’m a Californian who’s been living in Wellington, NZ for most of the past two years. I’ve been baking sweets on a fairly regular basis for about the past four years…and then sometime in early 2012 I made the mistake of baking muffins for my workmates and now I try to put something delicious together to bring in every Friday.

The recipes: Almost exclusively sweets, eventually with some forays into meals or other savory goods. When I have time I like to make something a bit fancier, but on your average week it’ll be something simple and sugary and fit for large groups. Expect lots of chocolate and peanut butter, and nothing with margarine, imitation vanilla, or anything other than the most simple, natural ingredients I can get my hands on.

The upside: I’m often in a hurry and rarely get to work with a fully outfitted kitchen, which means almost everything you’ll see here can be made with the most basic of appliances and tools. Which if you’re broke or a traveller (or both) is super important.

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